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CD-R watermarks v.03 mixed by DES and Kevin Rice. Running time: near 79mins


CD-R watermarks v.01 mixed by DES and Kevin Rice. Running time: 79mins

transit hat

Black leather ‘Official Hat’ with a transit motif, used extensively on our hoods.


White ‘Official Hat’ sewn from a thin synthetic fabric. A jellyfish of a hat.

black and white

Black and white ‘Official Hat’ made from leather and a thin polyester inside its brim.


‘Monk Hood’ is similar to the medieval hoods that monks and pilgrims wore for protection against the cold and wind.


‘Leaf Hood’ merges the traditional Vietnamese nón lá (conical leaf hat) with the typical fisherman hat, effective in rainstorms.



‘Ripped Hood’ is a copy of a hood from an old model of Stone Island jacket.